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They say it is spring, but some days I really wonder, is their definition of spring different than mine? When I think of spring, I think of jonquils and tulips blooming and unexpectedly warm days. You know that day when you go to work and it is cold and damp, and when you walk out at lunch, it is sunny and a warm south breeze hits your face. That is my idea of spring, a day so beautiful that I want to get a mysterious “stomach ache” at lunch, play hooky, and go to the garden center instead. Well, you’re all lucky that I work at the garden center, so when you “get sick” at lunch time, we’ll all be here to help you out!

So one positive thing to come from all this rain is that the grass is greening up beautifully! Now would be a terrific time to apply some fertilizer to your lawn and flower beds. Those plants need a good breakfast to start the season. It takes a lot of energy to sprout up out of the ground, send up leaves and flowers. I wouldn’t want to try all that on an empty stomach!

It is also really important to get your pre-emergent herbicide down right away. If the weed seed has not started germinating, it won’t be long. Pre-emergent herbicide will not kill weeds once they are growing; it prevents seed from germinating, so this is a preventative treatment. Like your grandma used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Did you get your ornamental grasses cut back? If not, that is another really important thing to get done. If you wait too long you are going to damage all the tender new leaves which are shooting up and have not unfurled yet.

You could also get busy trimming back roses and fertilizing them too. The first application of fertilizer should be in early to mid April. Roses, particularly non shrub types, are heavy feeders and should really be on a strict fertilizing schedule.

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