For the best nursery and landscape center in Bourbonnais, IL, look no further than Tholens’ Landscape and Garden Center. Their services range from landscape design and installation to a potting shed in the shop—and much more in between!

As a nursery, we are one-of- a-kind in Bourbonnais. We feature the area’s best selection of balled and burlapped trees and shrubs. From Acer to Zelkova, if it grows great in Kankakee County, we have it! Most of our balled trees are from our own 80-acre nursery along the Iroquois River. Our locally-grown trees will grow great in your yard, which is why for over 40 years, “When you think of trees… think of Tholens’”!

After over 40 years of serving Bourbonnais, IL, by providing for their landscaping, nursery, floral, and gift shop needs, we are the garden center you want to choose.