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Mulch & Soil

We carry only the best double shredded hardwood bark mulch. This mulch has already been composted and does not rob nitrogen to break down. This mulch will not draw wood loving insects to your home, because it does not have wood content! This is the only type of mulch we recommend laying around buildings. Don’t forget the preemergent herbicide under your mulch, we recommend applying it in early April and again at the beginning of July.

Coverage: 110 sq ft/yard @ 2” deep.

Composted horse manure which has had 2 sessions of mushrooms grown on it, removing some of the nitrogen “heat”. A great organic fertilizer that will not only provide nitrogen, but also add moisture retention to dry soils, and break up heavy clays.

A blend of our pulverized soil, mushroom compost, and black sand. This soil is excellent for starting new gardens, breaking up heavy clays, and bringing some organic matter to your existing bed.

Our same premium black topsoil, which we have run through our soil pulverizer. May contain some small lumps depending on the time of year and moisture level of soil. This photo shows pulverized soil at its fluffiest best!

This is premium “black dirt”, nice sandy loam. This is NOT pulverized, and will probably contain large lumps.

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