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The best time of the year to seed a lawn is April 15th to May15th or August 15th to September 30th. These dates can vary by the year based on the spring or fall temperatures. New Lawn Fertilizer is beneficial to your lawn as it will increase root production. Stop in at our Kankakee store, we have a great selection for all your needs for New Lawns or Overseeding/Bare Spots.


We pride ourselves in our landscape design work. For a fee of $35, one of our three skilled designers will visit you at your home in order to draw up the landscape design of your dreams. Then, after a visit to our store and a look over the design, you can decide whether you will install the landscaping yourself or hire our specialists to install. Call us today to learn about the flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, shade trees and more we would love to decorate your lawn with, depending on what your home requires and what YOU desire.

Similar to our landscaping design services above, our brick paving and outdoor living design process is a thorough one that will be sure to change the aesthetics of your home beautifully — forever. Have you been dreaming of a brick patio or an outdoor kitchen? Set an appointment for one of our designers to visit your home for a small fee of $35 and we will work with you to draw up plans that meet your needs and desires. Is it time for an outdoor space in your yard? We’ve got a whole crew ready to help.

Is it time to step it up and install a lighting system in your backyard? Whether you are in need of lighting to highlight your patio, landscape, or anything else you desire, we will send a crew to get the job done. We are a proud distributor of Dauer Manufacturing who offers a lifetime guarantee on all fixtures as well as a five year guarantee on all bulbs.

Size: ¾ – 1″

Beautiful sparkling pinkish red granite with flecks of charcoal.

Coverage: 90 sq ft/ton @ 2” deep.

Our florist in Bourbonnais provides a full line of creative floral arrangements for every kind of event: Whether it's a wedding, funeral, birthday, a dance, or simply an "I think you're special" occasion we work with you to design an arragement to suit your needs and your budget. Call our Bourbonnais store at (815) 939-6445 or click here to see the possibilities and order your floral arrangement. 

Come to our location in Bourbonnais to see our complete line of gorgeous pottery. You have plenty to pick from! Then don’t forget to visit our skilled designers who are trained to customize and fill your flower pot so that when you leave, there will never be another one quite like yours! For your custom flower pot and pottery, come to the Potting Shed in our Bourbonnais store.

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